Cassandra Leigh Maguire

Cassandra Leigh Maguire (also known as Cassie), hails from Sydney, Australia and moved to New York to pursue a career in the arts after obtaining a Bachelor of Music from The Australian Institute of Music. Upon furthering her education at The American Musical and Dramatic Academy, she immediately began her professional career in New York City as an Actor, Singer and Dancer. Alongside this Cassie also worked within the corporate sector and performing arts education. ​

Within Cassie’s journey pounding the pavement, attending open calls, countless masterclasses and working every side hustle known to mankind, she can truly empathize with the working actor as she was one.

The yearning for a welcoming, joyful and uplifting audition room was ever-present for Cassie and eventually her ability to create one of these spaces began as she intertwined her passion for theatre with her background in business; by pursuing casting with Wojcik Casting Team.​

Furthering others whilst fostering and supporting their talent in a diverse and inclusive space is one of her ultimate aspirations. If you are in a room with Cassie and her rockstar colleagues you will surely feel the support not only for actors, but also the the creative team and all facets of the industry.