Smokey Joe’s Cafe – Engeman Theater – EPA Material

Thank you for your interest in submitting for Smokey Joe’s Cafe with The Engeman Theater.  Below is all the info you should need to prepare your self tape for the Virtual EPA.

Please send your submissions as either a DIRECT LINK or an ATTACHED FILE. 

We prefer to NOT receive links that need to be downloaded.

Auditions will be viewed by Deidre Goodwin, Richard Dolce, Vic DiMonda and Wojcik/ Seay Casting:  Scott Wojcik, Gayle Seay, Holly Buczek and/or Courtney Hammond.

Submission Deadline:  7/9/21

SEND SUBMISSION via email to:  [email protected]



WOMEN – “I’m A Woman”

-Please choose Soprano or Alto line and record as noted on the Sheet Music.              

Sheet Music for both Alto & Soprano Lines – “I’m a Woman”: 
I’m A Woman – Sheet Music

MP3 ALTO with melody (for learning):

MP3 ALTO accompaniment (record with this track):

MP3 SOPRANO with melody (for learning):

MP3 SOPRANO accompaniment (record with this track):


MEN – “On Broadway”

-Please record the line that best fits your vocal type (up or down the octave).

Sheet Music for “On Broadway” cut: 
On Broadway – Sheet Music

MP3 with melody (for learning):

MP3 with accompaniment (record with this track):



  1. Label your audition file with your NAME!
  2. Also send your P&R as an attachment labeled with your name. PLEASE NO DOWNLOADS on P&R
  3. In your recording, slate your name and give us your height