Hello there! We are thrilled that you are taping to be considered for SCOOBY-DOO “MYSTERY AT THE MALL” Live Tour in the Middle East.

Since all tapes must be approved by Warner Brothers for this job, we are suggesting you try to throw a hint of the character into what you wear for your tape. Not a costume, but just a hint of that character (ie: neck scarf for Fred, Glasses for Velma, wearing purple for Daphne, messy hair for Shaggy etc.)

Please click on your requested role below and follow the instructions on the cover page on what/how to tape!

DAPHNE (Click here to access material)

FRED (Click here to access material)

OFFICER STONE (Click here to access material)

SCOOBY-DOO (Click here to access material)

SHAGGY (Click here to access material)

VELMA (Click here to access material)

VILLAINOUS HOUND (Click here to access material)

FEMALE-PRESENTING SWING (Click here to access material)

MALE-PRESENTING SWING (Click here to access material)

Here’s where you can study up on the characters to get the physicality and vocal style (maybe have some “Scooby-Snacks” while watching: WATCH SCOOBY-DOO HERE



-You must have a valid passport with at least 6 months remaining and no prior convictions to travel for this contract.           
-You must be 18 years or older for this contract
-You must have housing local to NYC or be able to access local housing in NYC for the Rehearsal period. The company will not provide travel to NYC or housing for the rehearsals.
-If you are submitting for the roles of SCOOBY-DOO, VILLAINOUS HOUND OR SWING you must be willing and able to do FULL COSTUME CHARACTER work on-stage.
-You must be available for the FULL contract:

Scooby-Doo Rehearsals: (NYC) June 13th-19th
Fly out: June 21st/22nd TBD
Tech on site: June 23rd-27th
Tour runs: June 28th-August 17th
Fly home: August 18th
Auditions by Self-Tape: Due in by May 29th

If you do not or cannot fulfill the above information listed, please pass on this invitation to tape.

If there are any further questions, email us at [email protected].