RENT 25th Anniversary Farewell Tour

Please note: Some cuts and markings will not appear on sides if viewing them on an iPhone or iPad.  Please download the sides on a computer in order to view cuts.

*** The MP3’s we have are below. If it is not here – we don’t have it 🙂 Also WILL I is posted at the bottom of the page. If it says to sing WILL I on your cover page , that is where you will find accompaniment. The sheet music is in the packet if it is assigned to your character.


ANGEL – click for pdf music

I’ll Cover You

BENNY – click for pdf music

You’ll See


COLLINS & MR J – click for pdf music 

Santa Fe

I’ll Cover You reprise

Seasons of Love


JOANNE & SOL SOLOIST / MRS J – click for pdf music

Seasons of Love

Take Me Or Leave Me

We’re OK


MARK – click for pdf music


What You Own


MAUREEN – click for pdf music

Take Me Or Leave Me


MIMI – click for pdf music

Out Tonight

Goodbye Love


ROGER – click for pdf music 

One Song Glory

Your Eyes


ALEXI – click for pdf music

Out Tonight



WILL I (Angel, Benny, Collins, Mr J, Mark and Roger) get this song – click for pdf music




For MAUREEN’s “Over The Moon,” here are clips of performance artists Laurie Anderson and Karen Finley to use as inspiration:

Laurie Anderson Clip 1

Laurie Anderson Clip 2

Karen Finley Clip

In the show, it is mentioned that ROGER performed at clubs like CBGBs and The Pyramid Club. To give you a sense of the culture of these clubs, check out these clips:

Pyramid Club Clip 1

Pyramid Club Clip 2

Casualties in NYC 1994