Hello there! We are thrilled that you are taping for LEGALLY BLONDE at Theatre Aspen! Below you will find the material to tape for your assigned role(s). 

Please tape the following:

-Slate: Name, Height, Union Status, Location
-The FULL material in your packet for your assigned role(s). MP3s are included for roles that have show specific song cuts in the packet. If you do NOT have a show specific song cut in your material packet, please include a 16-32 bar cut of a song of your own in the style of the show.
-If you have a dance or movement reel/clip, please include this in your submission.



BROOKE WYNDHAM (Click here to access material)

Brooke MP3 (Click here for accompaniment)


ELLE WOODS (Click here to access material)

Elle MP3 “Legally Blonde” (Click here for accompaniment)

Elle MP3 “So Much Better” (Like here for accompaniment)


EMMETT FORREST (Click here to access material)

Emmett MP3 (Click here to access accompaniment)


ENID (Click here to access material)
*there is no song cut in this packet. Please include a 16-32 bar cut of a song of your own in the style of the show.


MARGOT, PILAR & SERNA (Click here to access material)

Margot, Pilar & Serena MP3 (Click here for accompaniment)


PAULETTE (Click here to access material)

Paulette MP3 (Click here for accompaniment)


PROFESSOR CALLAHAN (Click here to access material)

Professor Callahan MP3 (Click here for accompaniment)


VIVIENNE (Click here to access material)

Vivienne MP3 (Click here for accompaniment)


WARNER (Click here to access material)

Warner MP3 (Click here for accompaniment)